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Some thoughts on Bounded Rationality

  • Written by A. G. Harvey

Some of my own thoughts on the possibilities . . .
. . . On Bounded Rationality

Being: human - person - individual - brain - mind - subjectivity
Traits: rationality - reason - logic - sense - emotion - ability - capacity
Misc: time - information - mismatch - social - beliefs - objectivity

Rationality is a quality of the human mind based on or in accordance with reason or logic. Being rational is affected by emotion and emotion relative to rationality is just a rational mismatch from information that does not make sense and a rational match for information that does make sense. To make sense information must match the ability of the individual to think sensibly or logically. Initially a person must be endowed with the capacity to reason. For the individual to be endowed with the capacity to reason is something that is built up over time. Basic logic is included before birth to allow for basic functioning. Sometime after birth the mind becomes aware of internal logic.

"we call rationality the distinction of man, when compared with other animals"

I would have to say that rationality is the ability to calculate information based on communicative methods between the individual and the environment in which they exist. An attachment to a particular place can be determined by way of logic and emotion. It might make sense to the individual that their place in the environment is a good one based on a number of factors calculated from the manifestation of information in the mind - the person may also have an emotional attachment to their place - but it is based on what determines the type of rational mismatch that takes place. If it makes less sense in a new environment but the person had no choice but to leave their old environment they would experience a rational mismatch - whether or not a strong emotion is expressed is based on the level of Bounded Rationality the individual has. Conversely if an individual's loved one died in the environment then sometimes it makes sense to leave the environment because of the strong expression of an emotion but this is Bounded Rationality in action - a narrowing of the bandwidth of rationality, so to speak.

I suggest that this can happen without a native spoken language . . . that language is not necessary for logical deduction.

I say that rationality is built into us as a seed from birth and grows with experience - rationality is just the calculation of information and does not require language. Self reflection is possible without language. Patterns from our environment "are language" and can be differentiated and integrated into the mind as useful information. Pattern recognition and processing is where language starts. This includes body language and other such external expression. The clouds can unintentionally communicate rain to a person based on the individuals experience. Language is just an expression of information and a means to consciously calculate and pass information on.

Some say that language was manifested by a desire or emotion to express ourselves
- I say that language is also bound to rationality . . . language happened because of rational mismatch . . .
. . . associated with an inherent discomfort that we carry with us to this day.

Logic is the brain . . .

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