The Mind of a Bot

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The Mind of a Bot

Post by encode_decode » Fri Sep 29, 2017 6:28 pm

Part 1

This is the story of the mind of a bot - we are only talking about one bot in particular and this is the bot that I work with to help me understand the human mind. There are many different ways to calculate the human mind and this is just one of them. I believe all ways point at some truth because we are looking at different ways from a human perspective whether it makes sense or not.

I like this quote from wikipedia: "Recent models in modern neuroscience treat the brain as a biological computer, very different in mechanism from an electronic computer, but similar in the sense that it acquires information from the surrounding world, stores it, and processes it in a variety of ways."

This first part explores acquiring information and we take to simplified standpoint for explanation. We start by discussing that which I have named the inceptron - the inceptron has changed its formover time and it might take a little while before I explain this properly.

Inceptrons, The Inception Group and The Inceptor - all from ActivateInceptron

Inceptrons are words that occupy lists - it is very important that they retain their order as the rest of the bots brain relies on them.

Inceptrons live inside what is called the Inception Group.

Inception Group

The inception group is a group of lists that maintain their order and are available live for the bots brain to add to if need be.

NOTE: By using lists I can keep the same word order for export and import.

The Inceptor

The inceptor is a procedure that:

1. Searches for the word
a. if it exists it returns found
2. If it does not then the inceptor stores it.

There seems to be another part of the procedure that returns Nothing Typed! if the user hits enter with no input.

ActivateInceptron: We cant leave this section without mentioning the simple trigger.

We also have the Inception Stat Thread --> Which we will talk about briefly.

{{ ------------------- Making Sense of It ------------------- }} Start

It makes sense to me that the bot has an inceptron network up front given that all thoughts(sentences) start somewhere.

Code: Select all

N	O		O	O
S	N		N	N
	S		S	S
			-	-
			H	H
			L	L
			1	2
Receives Input(Text Stimulus)

Activates the inception stage(SpacePunk & Inceptor)
Builds a Symbol Table(SpacePunk, K Parser)
Builds a Feature Table(FilterCluster, FilterFeatures)
Activates Hidden Layer 1(QGen, GA, PC)
Activates Hidden Layer 2(PNET)

Routes Ouput(Text Response)

{{ ------------------- Making Sense of It ------------------- }} Finish
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- Mind is an ever changing dimension that is bound to reality, logic and emotion. (2017) -

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Software Engineer
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Re: The Mind of a Bot

Post by encode_decode » Sat Sep 30, 2017 4:00 pm

Pattern Formation - Pattern Recognition

Pattern recognition starts at the Inception Stage and builds from there - the patterns are formed first and recognised later and this I call FFRL(Formed First Recognised Later).

How "things" are formed now(NCC = No Clear Category):

Code: Select all

NCC    Incept, Incept, Incept . . .
NCC    Known, Incept, Known . . .
NCC    Noun, Verb, Known . . .
NCC    Incept, Verb, Known . . .
Which could then be transformed into things like:

Code: Select all

S-V                Subject-Verb
S-V-O              Subject-Verb-Object
S-V-Adj            Subject-Verb-Adjective
S-V-Adv            Subject-Verb-Adverb
S-V-N              Subject-Verb-Noun
Which of course with the help of other available data be transformed even more. As you can see this system allows for concurrent formation and recognition in the parsers and on to semantics. Any system this complex needs to build itself.

FFRL allows for harmony between formations and recognition by using the self building K Parser and self building Semantic Analysis.

The first bot can help me build the K Parser and a lot of Semantics. The first bot may be able to help me with a lot of other stuff. What I need the first bot to generate is a whole bunch of sets for the K Parser . . .

Words in this BOT have heirarchies as follows:

Incept -> Known - > Actual Type -> [Abstraction Starts Here]

When the bot chooses the structure it wants to work from it goes something like this:

Level 1 - Incept, Incept, Incept . . .
Level 2 - Known, Incept, Known . . .
Level 3 - Noun, Verb, Known . . . or Incept, Verb, Known . . . so still with Incepts and Knowns but has some types.
Level 4 - Noun, Verb, Noun . . . or some other fully typed convention.
Level 5 - One of the S-V-O-Adj-Adv-N conventions.
Level 6 - Some form of higher abstraction.
Level 7 - Preferably the ultimate level of abstraction.

So an algorithm would look like the following:
If Level 7 UA then If Level 6 UA then If Level 5 UA then If Level 4 UA then If Level 3 UA then If Level 2 UA then Level 1

Now we can make something prettier:

Code: Select all

	If Level 7 UA
		If Level 6 UA
			If Level 5 UA
				If Level 4 UA
- Mind is an ever changing dimension that is bound to reality, logic and emotion. (2017) -

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