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Paradox of vu

So named with poetic license.

  • Written by A. G. Harvey

Underlying/Overlying themes:

  1. Déjà vu, Jamais vu and Presque vu
  2. Déjà entendu and Déjà vécu.

I am deeply troubled by most of the explanations I have heard for Déjà vu in particular especially when I start considering things like intuition. I will not mention the offending disciplines here as I am more interested in a reasonable but general discussion on the topic of Déjà vu.

Despite the previous paragraph the main topic is "Paradox of the sensed" but I am also interested in everyone's thoughts on the subconscious and the conscious. Some people believe the subconscious does not exist. I don't mind if we do not get to talk about "Paradox of the sensed" as that statement might not even make sense to some people - however Déjà vu, conscious and subconscious are things I am sure most of us have heard of.

I would suggest that Déjà vu is some sort of paradoxical effect.

Déjà vu gives us intuition into the mind-body problem and I imagine is related somehow to consciousness. Déjà vu may even be some paradox between the conscious and the brain.

I would lastly like to add that despite the offending disciplines offering what they believe to be rock solid explanations of Déjà vu - the human brain and conscious persist as marvelous enigmas.

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